MA-what?!? What does that word mean?

Let me rephrase that for you:  What does it not mean?!?!?!

Everything is MAMASH!
MAMASH is Everything!

Literally, the word means “literally”. For real! And it actually means “for real” too. 

If you want to say something like you mean it, you begin and/or end your sentence with MAMASH! If you are trying to convey the emotion behind your words, you say MAMASH! If you can’t find the words to express just how deeply you feel about something, you say MAMASH!

In the foundational Jewish mystical text of Chabad Chassidus entitled Tanya, we find the word “mamash” used to describe the nature of the soul, that it is “literally (mamash) a part of G-d.” The Rebbe points out how the word “mamash” contains 2 opposites. How can something be literal/physical and connected to the transcendent infinite G-d at the same time?!?!

Only because the word “mamash” is the secret of the paradox of the universe (and it also happens to be the acronym of the Rebbe’s name). Only within our finite universe can we literally fuse our existence with the absolute Infinite One.

The angels may be super spiritual, but we are literally (MAMASH!) connected to G-d in a paradoxical, absolute state of oneness every time we learn Torah and do mitzvot.  Got it? Probably not. Good, because we don’t entirely yet either, but we’re working our way there.

And that’s why this word encapsulates everything we are about it and everything we do: MAMASH! Chabad

It’s not just another Jewish center. It’s an experience. It’s not an organization. It’s a connection. It’s not just a physical space.  It’s a state of mind.

Can’t wait to see you here!